Diversity Statement

To fulfill the mission of preparing students to respond to others, the Church, and the global community, the Board of Trustees of Visitation Academy recognizes that it is vital to develop and maintain an environment in which all students have the opportunity to recognize, experience, understand, and appreciate people of diverse backgrounds.

The Board of Trustees supports those curricular and co-curricular initiatives which achieve this goal and urges the Visitation community to work actively to include qualified students, faculty, and staff whose unique gifts enhance the extent to which Visitation is representative of the diversity of our society. In keeping with the Academy’s central theme of “Living Jesus,” the Board of Trustees emphasizes the need to foster an institutional culture which honors the dignity and sacredness of every human life.

Student Involvement

Upper School and Middle School students can promote diversity by participating in Peace and Justice, the Academy’s diversity club. Peace and Justice diversity club goal is to promote awareness of cultural differences and engender respect for them through special events. Students accomplish this goal by hosting special events and programs on campus.

Lower School students, in addition to the expansive multicultural lessons that are incorporated into their curriculum, also attend special presentations, participate in International Day, and perform at all-school diversity events.