Distance Learning FAQ

1) What will the Middle and Upper School Distance Learning schedule look like? 

A detailed weekly schedule will be emailed to students and posted on the Viz Portal homepage. Teachers will communicate to each class during their scheduled time each day regarding what students should be doing during that time (live video class, discussion/chat, pre-recorded lesson, independent worklab, collaborative activity, etc.). Teachers will post their lessons and assignments on their Viz Portal class board each morning by 8 a.m.  

There will be a mix of synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent) learning. Teachers will be available via email/Zoom during each scheduled class time. The majority of lessons and lectures will be asynchronous (recorded or posted) so students can learn at their own pace and be able to review material.  Synchronous (live) classes will be focused on interactive sessions with activities, discussions, practice, break-out groups, collaborative work, etc. 

2) What online platforms will be used during distance learning?   

Middle and Upper School students can access their classes through the Viz PortalEach teacher will update their individual class page each morning by 8 a.m. and provide any additional links to online resources (OneNote, website, etc.) 

3) Will there be virtual, extracurricular activities and sporting events this fall?  

CYC Sports has posted the current COVID-19 guidelines for fall sports on its website. Visit https://playcyc.org/returntoplay/ for more information. Please review the letter from the CYC Office, which includes information regarding safety measures and modified rules for play to be utilized during games and practices.  

Our Upper School Athletics program will be following the guidelines set by the St. Louis Sports Medicine COVID-19 Taskforce. The St. Louis Sports Medicine COVID-19 Taskforce is a collaboration among sports medicine and pediatric infectious diseases professionals in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. SSM Health, BJC HealthCare and Mercy have collaborated to provide recommendations related to the resocialization of both youth and high school sports during the COVID-19 pandemic in the St. Louis region. Additional recommendations will be posted based on updated community health data. 

Extracurricular clubs and activities will connect virtually as we begin the 2020-2021 school year and eventually return safely to campus. 

4) How can I help my child and my family in their faith development during these difficult times?  

First and foremost, remember you are part of a supportive, loving community; we are all in this together! The Sisters of the Visitation and the Association of Christian Faithful are praying daily for the intentions of our Visitation family. If you would like to submit a prayer request, please click here. Our Campus Ministry also has created an online Visitation Prayer Intention Board for parents, students, faculty and staff, and alumna. If you would like to add an intention, simply click on the pink circle with the plus sign at the bottom right corner.  

Our Middle and Upper School students will participate in regular virtual class prayer services, class retreats, and virtual service opportunities. Our campus ministry department will provide many different ways to engage all grade levels in service and developing their faith.  

5) How can I support my students’ social and emotional needs during this time of distance learning?  

We are mindful of the impact of COVID-19 on our students and their families. We are educating our staff on ways to connect with your child and assist families through this crisis. Middle and Upper School counselors are available for virtual sessions with both students and parents as needed. The small size of our classes allows for our caring and professional teachers to help our students navigate these uncertain times. If you have any concerns about your child, please reach out to us directly. Here are some additional links to resources. 

 Support Resources During COVID-19  

Coronavirus questions answered for kids (pdf) – click here 

Guidance to support children worried about Coronavirus (pdf) – click here 

6) How will you build a virtual school community? 

Maintaining our school community is very important to us. Teachers, tutors, and extracurricular clubs and activities will connect virtually as we begin the 2020-2021 school year and eventually return safely to campus. 

7) What events will take place the first semester? 

The safety of everyone in the community is our top priority and events will be held virtually when possible. Events that cannot be held virtually are canceled at this time. Calendar changes to make note of include: 


August 17: Welcome Back Picnic – Canceled 

September 17: Grade 8 DC Trip Parent Meeting – Virtual Meeting 

September 17: MS Counseling Night – Virtual Event 

October 8: Dr. Brady’s Girls to Women Presentation for MS Moms and Daughters – Virtual Event 

October 15: Parent-Teacher Conferences – Virtual Event – Conferences available upon request either via phone or Zoom. More details will be shared later. 

October 29 and 30: Grade 6 OTB (Outdoor Team Building) Trip to Trout Lodge – Canceled 

December 4: St. Nick’s Nook & Café Noel – Canceled 


August 10 – Fall Sports Practices Begin 

August 12 and August 18 – Grade 9 and New Grade 10-12 Parents Sports Meetings – Virtual (An invitation will be sent closer to the date.) 

August 17: Welcome Back Picnic – Canceled 

October 15: Parent-Teacher Conferences – Virtual Event – Conferences available upon request either via phone or Zoom. More details will be shared later. 

December 4: St. Nick’s Nook & Café Noel – Canceled 


August 17: Welcome Back Picnic – Canceled  

September 3: Fathers’ Club Steak Night – Canceled  

September 24: Mothers’ Club General Meeting – Canceled 

October 1: Fathers’ Club General Meeting – Virtual  

November 5: Fathers’ Club General Meeting – Virtual  

November 8:  Middle and Upper School Open House – Virtual 

November 18: Mothers’ Club Christmas Boutique – Canceled  

December 3: Fathers’ Club General Meeting – Virtual  

December 9: Mothers’ Club Christmas Cocktails Open House – Canceled