Education Resources

Are there resources for me to help partner with Viz to educate my child?

The remote learning environment is new territory for all of us. We continue to evaluate what is and isn’t working to ensure we are providing the best possible experience for everyone involved. You can always reach out to your child’s individual teachers, your school principal, or the Head of School if you have any needs, questions, or concerns.

Education Resources

Viz has created a dedicated area on our website, Distance Learning, with the complete library of communications that have been distributed about the status of the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the school community. You can also find resources on the Viz Portal. Under the Resources tab, there is an eLearning Resources tile that includes useful information including how to get help troubleshooting computer issues from home.

Additionally, the Upper School counseling department has added new and updated information on the Viz counseling website, including information specific to AP Testing. This link will be sent in the weekly emails the counseling department sends to students.

Here are some additional educational resources you might find helpful: