Lower School Reopening Plan

The Lower School will be open in person and on campus with a modified structure and schedule. We can reopen our Montessori through Grade 5 program safely for three primary reasons: 

1) With smaller class sizes, the Lower School will be able to maintain self-contained classes with minimal to no contact with other students, and only a handful of adults. There are fewer moving parts in the Lower School, whereas Middle and Upper School students have different classes and teachers that require constant movement and therefore increased contact exposure; 

2) Smaller class sizes in the Lower School also allow for easier contact tracing if someone contracts COVID-19; and 

3) Recent research shows that children younger than 10 transmit the virus to others much less often than adults do, but the risk is not zero. Lower School students and their teachers will return with very strict guidelines for mask-wearing, social distancing, minimized movement during the day, and a zero-tolerance policy for illness and symptoms.

Will there be virtual extracurricular activities and sporting events this fall?  

Lower CYC Sports has posted the current COVID-19 guidelines for fall sports on its website. Visit https://playcyc.org/returntoplay/ for more information. Please review the letter from the CYC Office, which includes information regarding safety measures and modified rules for play to be utilized during games and practices. 

What events will take place the first semester? 

The safety of everyone in the community is our top priority and events will be held virtually when possible. Events that cannot be held virtually are canceled at this time. Calendar changes to make note of include: 


September 16: Third Grade Parent Meeting – Virtual 

October 1 and 2: Grades 1-5 Fall Conferences – Virtual 

October 8: Fifth Grade Mother Daughter Program – Virtual 

October 14 and 15: Toddler and Montessori Conferences – Virtual 

October 23: Barn Dance – Canceled 

November 20: Grandparent’s Day – Canceled 

December 4: St. Nick’s Nook – Canceled