Middle School Reopening Plan

We are so eager to welcome your daughter(s) back on campus for in-person learning on Tuesday, September 8. To assist with the transition to in-person learning, we will be holding another Viz Middle School Orientation on Tuesday, September 8 and Wednesday, September 9. While we will continue to follow the Red & White/Distance Learning schedule this week, students will focus on orientation-type topics these first two days. Coursework will pick back up on Thursday, September 10. Students will be on campus from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. every day this week. Please note that students should not arrive prior to 8:30 a.m. each day.
This is a wonderful opportunity to help ease the transition to in-person learning while spending time getting to know new, on-campus safety precautions and procedures, walking student schedules, and setting up lockers. Don’t worry; fun and community building also will be included!

Please adhere to the following safety guidelines and procedures:

  • The Family COVID-19 Health & Safety Checklist must be submitted via the Viz Portal every Monday by 7:00 a.m. This form will appear every weekend on your Viz Portal homepage in the yellow banner stating you have a form to review. For families with students in other divisions, only one form is required per family and will cover all three divisions. For questions related to COVID-19 health and safety protocols, please contact our school nurse at VizNurse@visitationacademy.org or 314-625-9129.
  • Each student must wear their own mask while they are in the building. They will be allowed to take them off for lunch as they will be distanced six feet apart while they eat. Students should have extra masks available if needed throughout the day. Click here to view a recorded video from Nurse Boyle on proper mask usage.
  • Middle School student arrival and dismissal will be at the driveway outside Door 6 (Door facing I-64/40). There will be multiple exits for dismissal (Jesus Circle, Door 6, and Door 5), but students will walk to their car along the driveway and in the Jesus Circle. If their ride has not arrived, they will wait (socially distant) along the sidewalk. Students attending our Extended Day program will report to the assigned classroom after their last period class. Parents should pick up their daughter(s) from the main entrance (Door 4) after calling the receptionist at 314-625-9100 when they arrive. (See more information in the Middle School Handbook, located on the portal MS Resource page). Please note that Middle School students will not be allowed to arrive or dismiss with Lower School students and must use Door 6 only.
  • Due to the need for supervision, students will not be allowed to enter the building until 8:30 a.m. this week. Once we move to the regular schedule the week of September 14, students will not be allowed to enter the building until 30 minutes prior to class—Late Start Mondays – 8:30 a.m. and Tuesday through Friday – 7:30 a.m.
  • Students should wear their school uniform each day and are encouraged to carry a backpack in addition to their laptop bag. This will help reduce the frequency of locker visits between classes.
  • A lunch and drink(s) should be brought to school each day. We are an allergy-aware school and no nuts are allowed. Multiple microwave ovens are available for student use. Students will receive their swipe card for the vending machines on Wednesday. These will need to be activated by a parent if you choose to allow your daughter to purchase items from the vending machines in Viz Café. Purchases should be treated as a supplement to their lunch. We will orientate the girls on lunchroom procedures on Wednesday. All tables will be sanitized by our maintenance department between lunch periods and multiple hand-sanitizing stations are available.
  • Students will set up their lockers with shelves, books, supplies, etc. on Tuesday, September 8. Please note that locker decoration will take place throughout the week during advisory. Students should not bring everything for their lockers on Tuesday since they only need their laptops, Viz planner, and pencil pouch for the orientation sessions. This should alleviate the girls having to carry so much in that first day.
We have been very busy planning and preparing to ensure we provide the safest environment possible. Due to the required usage of masks and elimination of large gatherings, we realize school will look and feel different for our students. Our goal is to have our school open for in-person learning, but it will take everyone’s compliance with our safety procedures to keep our building open. Please refer to the Viz Re-Entry Guide on the Viz Portal and/or the COVID-19 Response page and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on the Viz website for detailed information.
Finally, I would like to invite you to our Middle School Parent Check-In Session on Tuesday, September 8 at 6:30 p.m. Click here to join the Zoom webinar. If you would like to submit questions ahead of time, please email me at ajung@visitationacademy.org.
Have I mentioned how excited we are to have the girls back on campus? We are, and I hope the girls are excited too. We can’t wait to see them on Tuesday! In the meantime, please enjoy this student-made video on health and safety procedures that our Middle School students will watch during orientation next week.
Angie Jung
Middle School Principal