Visitation Associate Community

Live J4e57c2227833desus summarizes Salesian spirituality, the special approach to God’s love which is Visitation’s legacy from Saints Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal. Learn this simple, yet challenging way of living as a member of the Visitation Associates Community.


The Visitation Associate Community embodies St. Francis de Sales affirmation and St. Jane de Chantal’s experience that the devout life can be lived in every form of life in the Church.

The Visitation Sisters’ heritage is offered in a formal way to persons who want to affiliate with the Sisters through the Associate Community. Vatican Council II reminded us of the universal call to holiness and the focus on lay spirituality in the Church. In the tradition of Francis and Jane, Associates participate in a program of prayer, study and ministry. Participation in the program will enable each associate to:

  • strengthen his/her baptismal commitment;
  • study and live the spirituality of Francis and Jane;
  • share life, talents and resources in service to others;
  • support each other in the community of Associates.

What do others say?

“I had always felt personally touched by the charism of the sisters and the teachings of St. Francis and St. Jane, and though I have always tried to be a woman of faith, the formal structure and commitment of the Associate program came at just the right time in my life to foster and truly feed my faith journey as an adult.” — Laura Adams Fister, Alumna, Past Parent

“The Visitation Associates Community has helped me to strengthen my spiritual life and to “Live Jesus” in my daily activities.” — Michelle Reagan, Past Parent

“I am so grateful for this year my first in the associate community. This is just the beginning of my study of St. Francis and of my commitment to living a devout life. This Sisters and the other associates have been an inspiration to me. My goal: to LIVE JESUS always.” — Joan Meyer, Past Parent

“Being an associate puts flesh and blood on the expression communion of saints.” — John Flanigan, Jr, Past Parent

“I know how nice and comforting it is to be around the Sisters. I love Salesian spirituality. Your living the virtues of humility, simplicity and gentleness is an inspiration that makes me shift focus from myself to what is really important.” — Colleen Hebron, Upper School Administrative Assistant

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