Portrait of a Viz Grad

A Visitation graduate strives to integrate Salesian principles into every aspect of her life and to embrace each member of God’s creation as Mary greeted Elizabeth – with profound respect and love.


In a life centered in Christ, a Visitation graduate:

  1. Lives Jesus and acts on the basis of truthful convictions, as an honest person worthy of trust
  2. Understands, witnesses, and articulates the Salesian virtues of humility, gentleness, freedom, joy, and optimism
  3. Pursues a life that embodies our motto Live + Jesus, which balances mind, body, and spirit
  4. Shows respect for herself and all God’s creation
  5. Responds to God’s presence in her life and shares God’s love through prayer and service
  6. Interacts with others in a way that reflects the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth in the Visitation

In a life devoted to the love of learning, upon the completion of a challenging college preparatory curriculum, a Visitation graduate:

  1. Applies critical thinking skills in both written and oral form, which facilitates analysis, logical reasoning, and articulate communication
  2. Seeks experiences that stimulate intellectual curiosity and encourage life-long learning
  3. Responds to challenges in an adaptable, informed, and spiritually grounded manner
  4. Possesses the strength to think and act independently and ethically
  5. Demonstrates a mastery of problem-solving techniques that allow her to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate effectively

In a life centered upon community building and leadership, a Visitation graduate:

  1. Identifies and uses unique leadership skills as she seeks opportunities to model her faith and to serve her local and global community
  2. Responds to leadership challenges in a fashion that fosters collaboration, unity, and respect for each individual
  3. Devises strategies to meet new challenges

In a life that promotes personal growth, balance, and respect for all creation, a Visitation graduate:

  1. Acts as a “gentle presence in a violent world”
  2. Pursues spiritual renewal and enriching experiences
  3. Shows an openness toward and an appreciation for diverse religious traditions and cultures
  4. Seeks experiences that promote awareness of and appreciation for the arts, humanities, and living a healthy lifestyle

Our graduates continue their educations at the finest colleges and universities.