Upper School (9-12)

1) Welcome to Viz! Mr. Colón our Head of School welcomes you to our Virtual Open House. 

2) All things Viz! with Mr. Murray and Ms. Charnowski

3) Upper School Science with Mrs. Essig and Mrs. Benigno

4) Upper School Theater and Math with Mrs. Mahon and Mr. Strohmeyer

5) Upper School English with Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Bealke

6) Upper School Social Studies with Mr. McKeever and Mr. Russell

7) Upper School Modern & Classical Language with Mrs. Villmer and Mrs. Butler

8) Upper School Technology & Innovation with Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Andrews

9) Upper School Theology with Mrs. Gill and Dr. Goldkamp

10) Upper School Fine Arts with Mr. Strohmeyer and Mr. Schweizer

11) Upper School Counseling
with Ms. FitzGibbon

12) Health & Wellness with Mrs. Hanock and Mrs. Fernandez

13) Upper School Musical Guest


14) Viz Crescent Coffee