Sejal Sekhar, a student at Visitation Academy was a part of a team building effort on Sunday, Feb 24, 2019 at the St. Louis Science Center. The team designed a mural with food cans based on the new gaming exhibit GAMEXploration.

The impressive mural emerged after 8 hours of intense collaboration between many teens along with a few adults. Using about 2,000 food cans, they worked alongside one another to create an image depicting a spin of the board game LIFE. The illustration on the cans represented “Happy LIFE.” Many aspects of this project were planned and designed beforehand to be meticulously executed that evening.

This informative structure symbolizes- the complexities of life to a gaming platform. Playing to win depicts one’s own choices in life. If you take the right path you are set up to win but if you take the wrong path your game ends there. This mural narrates the effective end result in real life through a game.

The message “Play Together -Live Together” implores the concept of universal inclusiveness of one another in navigating the game of life for the final win of “Happy Life.”

The mural with this powerful message is on display near OMNIMAX theater until March 26, 2019. After the cans are taken down they will all be donated to Operation Food Search in the St. Louis area.