Six members of the Viz racquetball team represented Visitation at the High School Racquetball National tournament over the past 5 days. Four of these girls were members of the undefeated JV1 team who went 10 – 0 during their season and won the JV1 State title. Samantha Streb, Ellie Bacich, Mary Dolan, Katie Eschbacher, Caroline Jung and Maria Choflet played a combined 20 matches. The tournament is divided into 6 levels of singles and 3 levels of doubles.  At each level there are also divisions; gold, blue, red and white. Here are the Viz results:

Sami Streb and Ellie Bacich    Gold in Consolation bracket of #1 doubles

Sami Streb won Gold  in #1 White division

Ellie Bacich won Gold in #2 White division

Mary Dolan won Bronze in #3 Red division

Katie Eschbacher won Bronze in #4 Red division

Caroline Jung won Bronze in #5 Red division


Congratulations to all of the girls.