Crescent Coffee

We can’t wait for Crescent Coffee to open on campus!   Stop by the Welcome Back Picnic on August 12th for a sneak peek of the renovations.

From students:  Elizabeth Isaak ’20, Bailey McGartland ’20

It was a crazy concept. A concept that business partner Elizabeth Isaak didn’t even take seriously for the first month of planning. The far-fetched ideas of co-founder Bailey McGartland started while the duo was volunteering together during the summer of 2018. The entrepreneurs wanted to combine their desire to help the world around them and their passion for coffee in a way that no one at Visitation Academy had done before. After tossing ideas around throughout the summer, they pitched their initial concept to Ellen Thomasson Malecek Entrepreneurial Leadership Program moderator, Nick McKeever. Impressed with their drive and motivation, he brought the ideas to Viz administration, and from there, the creation process began.

Throughout their junior year, Bailey and Liz met with mentors David Colón, Katie Wilson, Barb McMullen, the Mothers Club, and Park Avenue Coffee CEO Dale Schotte to discuss their ideas, and eventually, the project took off. Without their help, Liz and Bailey would not have been successful in their journey. After months of planning, the Mothers Club graciously agreed to provide initial funding for the project. Liz and Bailey are extremely grateful for all of those who believed in them and helped make their seemingly crazy ideas a reality. Crescent Coffee will be opening its doors in the fall of 2019 to all students, parents, faculty, and visitors. While the purpose of the shop is to sell coffee, the intent runs much deeper than that. The girls’ goal is to create a stress-free environment for their fellow students while still prioritizing the importance of academic achievement and community engagement. Profits will be equally divided into savings, donations, and a need-based scholarship fund. The two girls are excited to see everyone on opening day and share their hard work with the Visitation Academy Community.