Department: [clear]
Name Department Phone Ext.
Allen, Tracy Montessori 314-625-9156
Andrews, Sue Technology Coordinator 314-625-9122
Bell, Ross Music 314-625-9190
Benigno, Heather Science 314-625-9100 x2310
Bischoff, Amy Montessori 314-625-9174
Blanchard, Katie Events Coordinator 314-625-9109
Bodlovich, Mary Counseling 314-625-9139
Boldt, Doey Grade 2 314-625-9188
Broussard, Amanda Gift & Data Coordinator 314-625-9108
Bryant, Molly Visual and Performing Arts 314-625-9176
Buschardt, Graciela Upper School Modern and Classical Languages 314-625-9159
Byrd, Beverly Director of Technology 314-625-9120
Cain, Tracie Middle School Math and Science 314-625-9100 x2110
Cogan, Bob Upper School Math 314-625-9160
Cooper, Ellen Marketing & Communications Coordinator 314-625-9107
Cooper, Nicole Lower School Computer Technology 314-625-9170
Dean, Debbie Learning Consultant 314-625-9142
Dolan, Stephanie Director of Admission and Marketing 314-625-9266
Dooling, Judy Student Billing Accountant 314-625-9294
Duchars, Carolyn Science 925-9100 x2315
Dunn, Anita Upper School Math 314-625-9181
Eccleston, Linda Upper School Theology 314-625-9100 x2479
Effer, Diane Executive Assistant to Head of School 314-625-9271
Enger, Colleen Science and Social Studies 314-625-9152
Eschmann, Jane Middle School Principal 314-625-9201
Essig, Heather Science 314-625-9163
Fernandez, Kathy Physical Education 314-625-9148
FitzGibbon, Peggy Guidance 314-625-9140
Gill, Katrina Theology 314-625-9177
Goddard, Janet English 314-625-9175
Greiner, Rita Middle and Upper School Administrative Assistant 314-625-9126
Gurley, Laura Grade 3 314-625-9157
Hadlow, Maria Upper School English 314-625-9100 x2115
Haidar, Milia Upper School Modern and Classical Languages 314-625-9100 x2480
Hanneke, Jan Physical Education 314-625-9148
Harrison, Ashley Theology 314-625-9191
Hayes, Adele Guidance 314-625-9138
Hebron, Colleen Middle and Upper School Administrative Assistant 314-625-9125
Henry, Julia Montessori 314-625-9100 x2112
Hildebrand, Dan Interim Head of School 314-625-9270
Horton, Lori Lower School Library 314-625-9131
Hughes, Caty Modern and Classical Languages 314-625-9150
Ilewski, Keely English 314-625-9182
Isom, Ellen Visual and Performing Arts 314-625-9148
Jung, Angie Counseling 314-625-9289
Kamp, Mark Maintenance Staff 314-625-9127
Karl, Margaret Lower School Principal 314-625-9286
Kettmann, Linda Administrative Assistant to the Director of Admission 314-625-9103
King, Jessica Modern and Classical Languages 314-625-9273
Koetting, Caroline Grade 5 314-625-9178
Landwehr, Carolyn Montessori Assistant 314-625-9100 x2309
Lewis, Monica Upper School Science 314-625-9197
Logusch, Sherry Science 314-625-9165
Lovell, Jennifer Lower School Foreign Language 314-625-9100 x2044
Lucas, Jenny Director of Advancement 314-625-9104
Lund, Gayle Lower School Administrative Assistant 314-625-9287
MacDonald, Mary Claire Modern & Classical Languages 314-625-9100 x2225
Mahon, Kathleen Math 314-625-9179
Marquart, Catherine Modern & Classical Languages 314-625-9167
McKeever, Nick Upper School Social Studies 314-625-9185
McLaughlin, Patricia Theology 314-625-9180
McMullen, Barbara Upper School Principal 314-625-9124
McVey, Renee School Nurse 314-625-9129
Miller, Pam Salesian Coordinator 314-625-9225
Modde, Darren Math 314-625-9100 x2465
Mohan, Mike Upper School Theology 314-625-9213
Morrow, Joe Social Studies 314-625-9173
Nieberding, Pat Receptionist 314-625-9100
O'Brien, Merlyn Teacher Assistant 314-625-9100 x2464
O'Donnell, Alice Upper School Counseling Administrative Assistant 314-625-9141
Palmer, Sydney Montessori 314-625-9192
Piasecki, Gail Learning Consultant 314-625-9274
Rednam, Chandra Upper School Math 314-625-9186
Renz, Tim Facilities Manager 314-625-9127
Rourke, Lynn Lower School After Care Directress 314-422-8856
Russell, Kurt Upper School Social Studies 314-625-9189
Sanchez, Ann English 314-625-9172
Sauer, Amy Lower School Campus Ministry 314-625-9158
Schaefer, Kathy Accounts Payable Accountant 314-625-9293
Schweizer, Greg Visual and Performing Arts 314-625-9193
Scott, Karen Kindergarten 314-625-9195
Seibel, Laurie Librarian 314-625-9143
Selsor, Jennifer Grade 1 314-625-9168
Shanahan, Kristen STEM & Theology 314-625-9100 x2116
Shortt, Susan English 314-625-9228
Sitek, Debbie Physical Education 314-625-9135
Skubic, Kelly Grade 4 314-625-9187
Spaunhorst, Sarah Computer Science and Science 314-625-9151
Spellman, Sharon Director of Admission 314-625-9102
Stenger, Alison Math 314-625-9171
Stoecklin, Paul Upper School Athletic Director 314-625-9146
Strohmeyer, Martin Visual and Performing Arts 314-625-9184
Studnicki, Lisa K-8 Athletics 314-625-9147
Unland, Mindy Payroll and General Ledger Accountant 314-625-9295
Villmer, Cady Modern & Classical Languages 314-625-9198
Vogt, Fred Maintenance Staff 314-625-9127
Wagener, Pattia Teacher Assistant 314-625-9100 x2477
Walther, Trish Lower School Art and Counselor 314-625-9196
Walther, Glenn Network Administrator 314-625-9122
Westfall, Kaitlin Social Studies 314-625-9100 x2476
Williams, Sherry Director of Finance and Operations 314-625-9291
Wilson, Rebecca English 314-625-9183
Wilson, Katie Middle & Upper School Assistant Principal 314-625-9123