Finding Value in Diversity

I had the ability to do this through my Hindu youth group, which teamed up with Interfaith Quest and Children’s Hospital to create a structure of cans depicting a symbol of unity and care. The mural on the cans reflect the ideology of “Embracing Diversity” and equal access to quality health care regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. Another key aspect of the evening was how the youth of different faiths came together to work in harmony to accomplish a monumental task. CANstruction took more than eight hours to create and we faced many challenges. I valued the time of bonding and sharing core faith values during this process. It was an evening of respecting, appreciating and embracing each culture and finding a common goal of “unity in diversity.” This mural depicts the essence of teamwork. I say this because I had the opportunity to collaborate with Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Together we took the time to construct and complete a work of art. This standalone structure is a reflection of an arduous task made feasible by unifying and relying on strengths of one another.

This project took 2,000 to 3,000 food cans meticulously planned, procured and stacked over the course of several hours. The ending result achieved the ability to be a symbolic structure of caring, helping, healing and giving. This mural will be on display for viewing at the St. Louis Children’s Hospital lobby for the month of November, after which the cans will be donated to various food pantries across the St. Louis area.