Girls Adventure in Math (GAIM) is a regional mathematics competition

Girls Adventure in Math (GAIM) is a regional mathematics competition for 3-5 graders interested in math. This year the participants from Visitation Lower School were Addie K., Mena Z., Lizzy F., Zoha H., Lelaina P., Jane K., Zoe M., and Cameron S.

There were also two teams of middle school students! CONGRATULATIONS to Robin Hall, Everly Hunkler, Gummy Rizer, and Gabby Wheeler, who came in first place in the Middle School division.  Other MS students who participated were Emma Hall, Noor Huda, Sejal Sekhar, and Ellie Weckherlin.  Thanks to Mrs. Kathleen Mahon who accompanied the girls to the contest and to Mrs. Allison Stenger and Mrs. Kristin Shanahan who worked with the girls to prepare for it.

At GAIM, the girls worked as a team to solve the math problems. For a lot of the questions they had to think creatively and approach the questions in different ways. They also had to plan a strategy for our team. There were two parts to the competition. The first part was solving word problems using their own methods. The second part was solving fill in the blank problems using pre-determined numbers.
Participating in GAIM didn’t just help the girls work on our skills in math, it also helped them work on communication, problem solving, and leadership skills.

The team of Mena, Zoha, Jane, and Cameron tied for second place in the elementary competition.
While it was challenging, GAIM was a fun and enlightening experience!  Thank you to Mrs. Skubic and Mrs. Gurley for making this opportunity possible.