Catie Schmid ’10

Catie Schmid ’10 is a registered nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.
“We have to be prepared at all times to be pulled to a COVID-19 unit in our hospital. We go through a screening process daily to enter the hospital and are provided a mask to wear for the entirety of our shift so that we can minimize exposure risk as there are so many times we cannot follow the six feet apart rule when caring for critically ill infants. My role as a NICU nurse is to stay healthy, teach good hand hygiene to our parents visiting, and continue to celebrate each milestone as these families have lost a lot of their physical support people when the visitation policies changed allowing only two caregivers to enter the hospital.
Viz has prepared me in so many ways for my career. There are so many unknowns during this time and being in a hospital setting is very stressful as exposure risk to this virus is very high. I am grounded in a strong faith that was planted during my years at Visitation Academy that is helping me through this time. Also, shout out to my English teachers who taught me credible sources for obtaining information on the internet because there are so many false sources out there today spreading fear and false information.”
Community keeps us going…
“Despite the stress and challenge, I am encouraged by our community coming together. We recently received little goodie bags that were organized by one of our volunteers. It included a homemade cloth mask and little treats. The most moving part though were the messages from everyone who helped put the bags together for us. One of the notes had an old coin attached from a grandfather’s collection. The note explained, “you see, he was so excited to hear about this little project and everyone helping, that he wanted to be a part of it too.” They explained his recent move to hospice and how his family didn’t really know how he could help us. “He called her the next day with his idea. He wanted to get each nurse a special coin to remember this time.” I had tears in my eyes while receiving this coin, a lucky coin given to us with the most pure intention and symbolizing so much love and appreciation. I look at my coin every day before going to work.”
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