Little Virtues on Full Display

Visitation Academy senior Annie Dolan served as a real life guardian angel today, as she accompanied Vietnam Air Force veteran Jack Schweitzer on a day trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the National War Memorials. This trip was organized through the local foundation, Greater St. Louis Honor Flight. (GSLHF). The mission of this organization is to safely transport America’s most senior military veterans to Washington, D.C. to experience the memorials built in their honor and ensure these heroic men and women have one of the best days of their life. This is a mission Annie was honored to be a part of.
Annie left at 3:30 a.m. to fly to D.C. and stayed with her veteran the entire journey, guiding him to all the memorials and making sure he was comfortable and safe throughout the day. Her veteran shared stories about his experience in the military with her, and in return, Annie shared letters of gratitude she collected in a letter writing campaign with him.
In addition to her guardian duties, Annie also was responsible for raising the funds to pay for both of their charter flights that day. She raised $550 for this purpose through donations from friends and family. Annie also raised an additional $2,000 which she presented to the GSLHF staff at a “meet and greet” in Jack Schweitzer's honor.
In an email to Annie, Bill and Rosie Sei, who are volunteers at GSLHF and parents of a Viz alumna, said, “Your commitment to your guardian duties has exceeded our expectations by a long shot.” They went on to attribute her success with this venture to her “educational experience at Viz.” We are so proud of Annie’s representation of Viz and the way she is living out the Little Virtues.
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