YAG Bragging Rights

The 32 members of Visitation Academy’s Youth and Government team were in Jefferson City over the weekend to attend the first of two state conferences, and they did not disappoint. The ladies won appellate trials, debated bills in committee, showed incredible prowess in Parliamentary procedure, passed bills into law, and judged like they were 20-year veterans on the judicial bench.
Here are a few notable highlights from the weekend:
  • Junior Campbell Pim and freshman Emma Williams both were recognized as an Outstanding Attorney.
  • Junior Noor Huda was recognized as Outstanding Statesperson.
  • Juniors Grace Weikel and Noor Huda had bills signed into law by the Governor.
  • Sophomore Amelia Ward won the judicial trial competition. Senior Emmy Hernandez also was a semi-finalist in the judicial trial competition.
Last but not least, in one of the more incredible accomplishments in recent memory, Visitation Academy will have three presiding officers for the 2022 Youth and Government Convention:
  • Sejal Sekhar (junior) – Chief Justice
  • Libby Holmes (junior) – Attorney General
  • Noor Huda (junior) – Speaker of the House
We also would like to acknowledge Viz students who held 2021 leadership positions:
Everly Hunkler (senior) – Chief Justice
Ingrid Azrak (senior) – Judge
Margaret Beimdiek (senior) – Judge
Abby Jordan (senior) - Judge
Sejal Sekhar (junior) – Judge
Bhuvana Vejandla (senior) – Judge
Grade Pund (junior) – Committee Chair
Noor Huda (junior) – Floor Leader and Committee Chair
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