Educational Journey

On Thursday, October 27, the ninth-grade class returned from a four-day visit to Memphis and Birmingham. This experiential trip tied into the students' summer reading of The Freedom Summer Murders and set the stage for their research papers, which will focus on human rights activists.
The week culminated on campus on Friday, October 28, with the girls focusing on the history of civil rights in St. Louis. After a reflection in small groups about the trip, the girls broke into separate sessions on several different topics led by outside speakers. The topics included: Pruett Igoe, the Negro Baseball League, Homer G. Phillips Hospital, the desegregation of public schools, the sermon of Father Heithaus, integration's effect on Catholic all-girl schools, and the Shelley House.
After listening to the speakers, the groups created museum exhibits to highlight key points of their topics. The day concluded with presentations of their exhibits to their classmates and the speakers.
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