Frequently Asked Questions

Visitation Academy 2020 Golf Tournament FAQ

What time do you plan to start the tournament?

We will have a shotgun start at 9am.

Will you offer single or double riders in carts?

At this time we are only allowed to have single riders in the golf carts.

Will you host a post-golf reception after this event?

We will not host a post-golf reception this year due to social distancing guidelines and our goal to keep our supporters safe.  We are working on a few creative ways to still honor the tournament winners and can promise that this event will be as fun as it ever was!

Will beverages still be available on the course?

Yes! Coolers will be placed throughout the course as in years past

Will there be any on-course contests?

We have decided to eliminate the on-course contests this year. This is due in part to social distancing restrictions and we’d like to eliminate some of the extra expenses that are typically incurred to organize these contests.  The main goal of this event is to raise money for our school’s tuition assistance fund which is now needed more than ever before!

Will you be awarding the flight winners?


How will you handle inclement weather?

In the event of inclement weather, we will close the golf course and continue to have everyone return to their vehicles.  We can not safely socially distance with guests coming into the Clubhouse during a weather delay.  Thank you for your understanding and support of this policy!

Are masks required in the clubhouse?

Yes. If you have to enter the clubhouse to use the restroom or to purchase something from the pro shop, you are required to wear a mask.

What will the Golf Tournament proceeds support at Viz?

This year, proceeds will benefit tuition assistance, which is needed now more than ever.