First Grade Overview

First grade is filled with many hands-on and discovery-based projects as their learning continues. Since it is so important to reach all learners, differentiated instruction is utilized and the curriculum is adapted to each student. Advanced educational material is utilized when a child is ready to ensure that all the children are learning to their potential. The first grade curriculum includes many inter-disciplinary center activities and hands-on learning such as recording observations and data in Science notebooks.

Signature Projects

100th Day Celebration

Students celebrate the 100th day of school by developing their own 100th day sandwich board. Each student decorates their board with 100 items and wears it in the 100th day parade around the school. Students work in groups to determine different ways to count to 100.

Johnny Appleseed Unit

Students study the life of Johnny Appleseed through this cross-curriculum unit. Students complete hands-on activities like apple stamping, apple inspections, apple family trees, and real apple seed addition. The students author and illustrate their own Johnny Appleseed books, available in print and digital editions. The unit concludes with the class making and enjoying applesauce.

First Grade & Fifth Grade Book Project

The first and fifth grades collaborate to create their own unique books. Students partner across grades, working together to develop the plot, characters and setting of the book. After writing and revising their story and creating illustrations. They conclude with a book sharing event with our school community.