Fourth Grade Overview

Fourth grade is a time of growth in privileges and responsibilities. Students have their own lockers, choose food from the Lower School Dining Room, and receive letter grades for core curriculum areas. In the classroom, students participate in more book clubs and complete more literature projects where students use their comprehension skills and creativity to bring reading to life. Girls switch classrooms throughout the day, experiencing multiple teachers and enhancing their curricular experience and relationships with faculty. All of this is done under the watchful eye of the homeroom
teacher who collaborates closely with all teachers to ensure a positive
experience for each girl. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of extra-curricular activities such as Science Club and Liturgical Choir.

Signature Projects

Art Museum for the ABC Art Program

Students participate in the ABC Art Program and visit the St. Louis Art Museum. During their multiple trips to the museum, students are engaged in close observation, critical thinking and finding creative ways to respond to works of art across cultures and time periods. Each ABC student receives their own sketchbook and has the opportunity to communicate their responses to the artwork through a wide range of writing and drawing activities.

State Fair Project

Each student will chose a state to research using a variety of print and electronic resources. Students will compile their information into a written report and visual presentation including a display board, costume, food item, and original advertisement. On the day of State Fair, the students present their project to fellow students, teachers, and families.

Missouri State Scrapbook

Students will participate in a unit of study on the history and modern life of Missouri. Throughout the unit, students will compile information from readings, interviews, and online field trips about state symbols, government, regions, and attractions. As a culminating project, students will incorporate their information into a personal scrapbook.