Second Grade Overview

The second grade at Visitation Academy includes many milestone activities for our students. Girls celebrate their First Reconciliation and First Eucharist as a class. In the spring, second graders serve as honor guard for the Upper School’s Alumnae Induction and Maypole. Literature comes to life for students as they are introduced to Readers’ Theater. Students try their hand at engineering and basic programming in science class using Lego WeDo Robotics.

Signature Projects

Blessing Cups

In preparation for their First Communion, daughters are joined by their mothers in Art class to make a blessing cup. Each blessing cup is hand-built from clay, fired and glazed allowing each child to have a personalized keepsake of this important spiritual event.

Retreat Day

Eucharistic preparation culminates in a day-long retreat just before First Communion. At the retreat, students cultivate their understanding and excitement of this union with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Presidents’ Project

Students celebrate Presidents’ Day while learning about the importance of U.S. Presidents through electronic and print media. The significance of role models, citizenship, and civic responsibilities is discussed. Additionally, girls select a president to research. This inter-disciplinary project culminates with each student presenting their research to classmates, teachers and parents.