Third Grade Overview

In third grade, students develop critical thinking skills as they read-to-learn rather than merely learning-to-read. Visitation’s accelerated math curriculum encourages students to use concepts they have previously learned to solve real-world problems. Third grade students look forward to further exploring the books they read through book projects and participating in literature circles or book clubs.

Signature Projects

Community Project

As part of the third grade Social Studies curriculum, students study communities and the features that make each unique. Students complete an inter-disciplinary project that brings their own community truly alive. Using multiple sources, including interviews, students research and prepare podcasts or “green screen” technology about the community they are studying. To authenticate their learning, each student will also create their own travel brochure which will be shared with each community’s Chamber of Commerce.

Saints’ Wax Museum

Students research a Saint, using a variety of electronic and print media. After designing their own costume including props, they present their Saint’s life in the form of a wax museum held in the Chapel.

St. Nick’ s Nook

The third grade students practice their math and money skills by working as vendors at the annual St. Nick’s Nook sale. Students engage customers, complete sales, and make proper change. Participating in St. Nick’s Nook provides real-life application of the students’ learning.