Foundation for the Future


5 of the last 11 Class Valedictorians were Charter Members

(A Charter Member has been a Visitation Academy student for 12+ years)

Building a Foundation for the Future

These formative years can determine whether your daughter will become a lifelong learner. At Viz, our talented and experienced faculty are dedicated to helping your daughter reach her full potential. Small class sizes, allow your daughter to thrive in an atmosphere of individual attention. A vast array of enrichment activities, individually tailored to each student’s readiness, encourages your daughter to move well beyond a basic comprehension of skills and concepts to a higher level of learning where critical thinking, analysis, application, and problem-solving skills are developed. At Viz, learning is active and exciting! Our academic program will spark your daughter’s curiosity, kindle new interests, and instill a sense of wonder. This is how a lifelong love of learning begins.
Read a recent article from Town & Style Magazine about the importance of an All-Girls education.

“I know my students inside and out. I know everything about the way they learn.”

“I definitely get to know my girls. I have the opportunity to make sure they are healthy and happy young girls EVERY day. I have the time to make sure that their days are good.”

Project-Based Learning

Hands-on learning is a hallmark of our Lower School program, as it leads to greater understanding and instills confidence and self-esteem. New technologies are continuously incorporated into the curriculum to enhance learning through enrichment activities. For example, the 1:1 iPad program allows each 3rd grade girl to use the Book Creator app to take pictures, video, and audio to document the process of growing plants from seeds in the new greenhouses. 2nd grade students program Bee-bots to move to the letters on a mat that spell out words on their spelling list and to answer various math problems using a number line mat. Lower School students create book trailers in literature using iMovie on the iMacs and Skype with students in other communities in social studies. Your daughter will have tremendous opportunities to stretch herself academically, and will develop the confidence and self-esteem to eagerly embrace new challenges.

“Everything we do all day long is hands-on. We learn through all of the senses.”

“We want our girls to be confident in everything, from math to science to engineering.”

Abundant Resources

Lower School classrooms are spacious and sunny, filled with abundant resources to stimulate learning through a wide variety of activities. Our faculty, however, is our greatest resource. They are passionate about teaching and are committed to your daughter’s academic and spiritual growth. They are also dedicated to their own professional growth; Lower School faculty participates in countless professional development opportunities both as a group and as individuals each year.

Research has shown that investment in professional development is directly related to student achievement.