What’s Happening in the Classroom

We Are Architects

The third grade began their fraction unit by learning how to use fraction strips. This tool helped them to visualize fractions.

They also learned how fractions can be used in the real world. They worked as architects to design a one-room schoolhouse similar to the one in the story, Secret School. They designed desks that cover 3/4 of the available floor space, doors that cover 1/8 of the wall space, blackboards that cover 1/3 of the wall space, and windows that cover 1/6 of the wall space. Their designs were used to create model schoolhouses.


Student Presenters

Our 5th grade students had the opportunity to present their work at the Midwest Educational Technology Community (METC) conference at the St. Charles Convention Center.  Through their unit on early explorers, the girls created podcasts about European explorers and navigational tools.  The process included researching, creating a storyboard, adding music and images, and editing their work.

In addition, the students took on a challenge to build a life-size canoe.  One group used duct tape and cardboard while the other used plywood.  This portion of the project included research, design, building, evaluation, and reparation of the canoes. The cardboard/duct tape canoe successfully passed the float test and we anticipate that the plywood canoe will as well!

It was very exciting to have the projects featured in the Podcast and Makerspace categories at the METC Showcase.  The girls spent the afternoon sharing what they had learned with local educators and fellow students.