Technology Education & Integration

Jan 29 2015 022

One-to-One Technology Program for Grades 6 through 8

  • 6th grade has added Computer Science Discoveries curriculum to our Computer Science course.  This curriculum is robust and challenging in problem solving, creativity, and personal expression. The Technology Foundation course is designed to introduce computer applications in an integrated approach while applying their skills to the Middle School curriculum
  • 7th grade students participate in a course designed to enhance the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills and activities used in their core classes. Computer Science Discoveries curriculum is also included in this course as it is an essential part of their modern education.
  • 8th grade students’ knowledge and use of technology resources is reinforced in all classes.

Focus:  A fully integrated computer science curriculum allows students to attain curricular goals with technology enhanced instruction.  Digital literacy is attained through knowledge, concepts and skills that are interwoven into curriculum related lessons.

Application/Skill Sets 

Students are competent and confident in using technology to:

  • rJan 29 2015 015esearch for meaningful connections while collecting data from a range of resources;
  • create and use visual thinking tools;
  • safely navigate the Internet using proper etiquette;
  • efficiently accomplish tasks involving word processing and spreadsheets;
  • collaborate globally;
  • use web publishing tools;
  • create audience specific oral presentations using a variety of media tools, and accept the rights and responsibilities of using a network.

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