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Budding playwright David Shayne desperately wants to get his new play to the stage. Producer Julian Marx finds a wealthy gangster, Nick Valenti, to finance the show. Valenti’s one condition is that his dimwitted and talentless girlfriend Olive Neal must be a lead. Valenti sends Cheech, his right hand man, to make sure Olive stays in the spotlight. Marx also secures aging Broadway diva Helen Sinclair to star in the show, and she romances David despite the fact that he has a girlfriend, Ellen, who wants to settle down. Meanwhile, leading man of the play, Warner Purcell, has his eyes on Olive. With original music from the time period and comedy with stereotypical mobster violence, Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway is sure to make the 1920s come roaring to life.

The dates for the musical are:

Thursday October 11, 7:00 pm

Friday October 12, 7:00 pm

Saturday October 13, 2:30 pm 

Saturday October 13, 7:30 pm


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