Visitation Academy is pleased to announce Nancy Hulslander, a current junior, scored a perfect
score on the ACT. The ACT is broken into four parts: English, math, reading, and science
reasoning. Each part is scored on its own scale of 1 to 36. A student’s overall test score is the
average of those parts. The ACT is accepted by all major colleges and universities. According to
the ACT’s national office, only one-tenth of 1% of all test takers earn the top score. In the class
of 2017, just 2,760 out of more than 2 million students earned a composite score of 36.

Nancy attributes her success to “the foundation of dedication, perseverance, and self-discipline
which has been instilled in her since the age of two when she began her academic journey at
Visitation Academy.” She feels that the “combination of her strong Visitation education and her
rigorous academic schedule is what truly prepared her for success on the ACT.” Nancy worked
with a tutor leading up to the test and says she “strove for perfection and loved to see how far
she could push herself.”

Nancy is busy outside of the classroom too. She is an elite competitive swimmer with CSP
Tideriders and has been swimming for the CSP Tideriders since the age of five. She believes that
her dedication to swimming has helped her develop a strong work ethic which she carries over
to her academics. She is a member of the Viz/Priory Robo Rebels Robotics team, a member of
the Latin Club, a member of the National Honor Society, and has accumulated over 120
community service hours!