Alumnae Association

The Alumnae Association has two meetings each year and plans various special events, including Breakfast with Santa. The Visitation Academy Alumnae Association of St. Louis, Missouri was founded in 1904. As recorded in the minutes of the first formal meeting of the Alumnae Association on February 22, 1905, the first Alumnae President stated that the aim is “to make our Alma Mater better known, to extend her influence, to be her constant advertisers, to be faithful to her principles, and to infuse them into others. This can be done only by action.” Although many years have passed, these words still accurately reflect the mission of the Alumnae Association. Throughout its long, colorful, and vibrant history, we all remain very proud of our alma mater. As one of the oldest and most esteemed schools in the St. Louis area, it has one of the longest-standing and most active Alumnae Associations. We look forward to seeing you and many of your classmates at an upcoming Alumnae Association gathering.

The spring VAA meeting will be held on February 2, 2022, at 6:30 p.m. in Jane's Place via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 940 1438 2337
Passcode: Q1dS3E

Volunteering and Class Representatives

As alumnae, we share many common values. Your leadership and participation are a vital link to making our Association viable for all of us. Events, communications, and fundraising are but a few of the needs we have, some of which cannot be accomplished without active volunteers.

What better way to keep in touch with your alma mater, the Sisters, and sister alumnae than by volunteering your time, knowledge and talents to your Alumnae Association. This is a wonderful way to renew old friendships and meet other alumnae. Volunteers are always needed to help at events, especially Breakfast with Santa.

Being a class representative is another way to get involved to help the Alumnae Office and the Alumnae Association. Class reps are responsible for acting as the liaison between the alumnae and the Association or the school. With your help, we can make sure that the contact information for our alumnae remains current. Please see the list of class reps below. If your class year is not represented, please consider volunteering your time to help.

If you are interested in volunteering or becoming a class rep or have additional questions, please contact Alumnae Association President, Kate Hennekes Clark ’04, or Alumnae Association Secretary, Jillian Plescia ’04.

Class Representatives

  • Mary Ellen Clancy Cremins ’58
  • Mary Beth English Smith ’59
  • Sister Mary Grace McCormack, VHM ’60
  • Cathie Majka Ott ’64
  • Rose Ann Walther Penilla ’65
  • Susan Mogab ’69
  • Clare Cribbin Marino ’70
  • Mary Anne Hederman Spruell ’71
  • Lisa Howe Chassaing ’72
  • Christy Human Hughes ’72
  • Mary Beth Paynter Engler ’73
  • Mimi Concannon Butler ’74
  • Chris Murphy Kaemmerer ’74
  • Missy Monnig Ryan ’75
  • Karen McLaughlin Bruns ’76
  • Mary Stanislaw Salerno ’77
  • Margy Mager Kemp ’78
  • Lisa Fiordelisi Arends ’79
  • Margy Kroupa Travers ’80
  • Linda Cary Hinshaw ’81
  • Coleen Cavanaugh ’85
  • Michele Fronckiewicz Hicks ’86
  • Sara Costigan McLellan ’88
  • Elyra Figueroa España ’89
  • Maribeth Concannon ’89
  • Jennifer Murman Lovell ’90
  • Leigh Ann Rowan Parker ’90
  • Megan Hines Smith ’91
  • Ann Boyle Saladin ’92
  • Kate Downey Han ’94
  • Darcy Snodgrass McKeown ’95
  • Stephanie Clark Dolan ’96
  • Katie Blackburn Brown ’97
  • Christy Coleman ’99
  • Mary Swaykus ’99
  • Christy Sharamitaro Birke ’00
  • Kathryn Helling Riner ’01
  • Jessie Patane Weiss ’03
  • Anne Zanola ’03
  • Kate Hennekes ’04
  • Elizabeth Curran ’05
  • Megan Spruell ’07
  • Anna Boudoures ’08
  • Christine Marino ’09
  • Laura Jablonski ’10
  • Brooke Polivka ’11
  • Cassidy Re ’13
  • Katrina Ludwig ’14
  • Stephanie Fortune ’15
  • Morgan Howard ’16
  • Erin Schultz ’17
  • Gracie Rae Hunkler ’18
  • Lidia Marusic ’19
  • Grace Elsner ’20

Board Members

List of 8 items.

  • Kate Hennekes Clark ’04

  • Susan Mogab '69

    Vice President/Treasurer
  • Jillian Plescia ’04

    Corresponding Secretary
  • Anna Boudoures ’08

    Recording Secretary
  • Brooke Polivka ’11

  • Open

    Young Alumnae Liaison
  • Mary Anne Spruell ’71

  • Sister Marie Therese Ruthmann, VHM ’50

The Alumnae Association meets two times a year. All alumnae are invited to attend. Please click here to go to the Alumnae Events page for information about the next scheduled meeting.
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