Let's Dance

Dance is an important form of self-expression and is integral to Viz’s Visual and Performing Arts program. We are fortunate to have a professional dancer/choreographer as a full-time member of our staff. This talented and dedicated individual shares her love of dance with our girls and young women in Grades 1-12, helping them to explore and discover all that dance has to offer.

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  • Lower School

    In the fall, Lower School students have the opportunity to participate in the Lower School musical, working with our professional choreographer to create the various dance numbers.
  • Middle School

    All seventh-grade students take dance class as their performing arts course for the year. In this course, they learn different types of dance along with creative exploration of movement and choreography. A highlight is the fully-choreographed line dance performed each year at the Upper School homecoming basketball game.

    Additional opportunities for Middle School students to work with our dance teacher and perform choreographed dance numbers include the Middle School Christmas and spring concerts and the Middle School musical.
  • Upper School

    Upper School students can take a dance course to earn a half credit. This course fulfills either a Health & Wellness or a Fine Art credit requirement. The course teaches technique as well as creative movement, and it is typically tailored to the skill level of the students in the class.

    Upper School students who are serious about pursuing dance are given the opportunity to perform at the Upper School Christmas and spring concerts. These performances are choreographed by our professional dance teacher. Some more advanced dancers are given the chance to self-choreograph their routines.
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