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Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Visitation Schools in the United States are rooted in the Roman Catholic faith and strengthened by a shared vision of Salesian spirituality, inspired by the founders of the Visitation, St. Jane de Chantal and St. Francis de Sales. Their writings reflect the best values of Christian Humanism, instilling an optimism born of an understanding of the loving hand of God as traced in the beauty of creation and a clear vision of the human person created in the image of God. These values integrate the love of truth with the pursuit of knowledge and the dedication of God-given gifts to make the world a better place.
As educators in this tradition, we understand our role in forming lives as well as imparting knowledge. Visitation schools are committed to offering students strong academic programs that integrate the search for truth with intellectual pursuits directed toward a faith-filled and relationship-centric vision of life. A practical living of the Salesian virtues of gentleness, humility, kindness, and thoughtful concern for others permeates our school environments where members respect the uniqueness of one another and foster inclusive and caring communities. Leadership opportunities allow students to become self-directed people whose broad vision of life leads them to offer their gifts of mind and heart in loving service to those in need.
Students learn to appreciate and live the intimate relationship between faith and reason, heart and mind, prayer and action. They are lifelong learners who have developed a strong sense of moral integrity and responsibility.

The Six Goals that reflect the charism of the Visitation:

Goal One: Visitation schools foster a personal friendship with God which leads to a faith-filled vision of life.
Goal Two: Visitation schools integrate a strong academic course of studies permeated with a Salesian spiritual dimension.
Goal Three: Visitation schools build faith communities which call their members to understand the values of diversity and to respect the dignity of each person.
Goal Four: Visitation schools promote the development of liberty of spirit which empowers students to make life-giving choices.
Goal Five: Visitation schools embrace and model gospel values of peace and justice in order to be catalysts for positive change.
Goal Six: Visitation schools encourage an awareness of and care for the gifts of God’s creating hand.

Diversity and Belonging

As a Catholic and Salesian community, Visitation Academy of St. Louis is committed to fostering an environment that values diversity and inclusion.  We seek to model the gospel values of justice and solidarity so we can be catalysts for positive change with a loving spirit in the present moment.  
We firmly believe that God calls us to acknowledge and honor the dignity of every person.  We seek to engrave more deeply on our hearts our “holy, sacred maxim, Live Jesus,” to carry Christ to others.
Visitation Academy is an independent, private Catholic school offering a coeducational Montessori preschool and Kindergarten program, the area's only all-girl elementary program for Grades 1-5, and an all-girl middle school and all-girl high school.
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