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Mascots are a time-honored tradition at high schools and colleges across the United States. They create that sense of belonging students crave, which helps make students feel at home. Mascots also create lifetime, loyal supporters and are a recognizable symbol for a school. Not to mention the fun and excitement they add to sporting and school events.
Viz is saying yes to all of those great benefits and has decided it is time to adopt a mascot. What better symbol for our beloved school than the legendary Viz owl? While we are adopting an owl mascot, our students and athletes will still be called the Vivettes, as this name is very dear to our Viz community.

The owl has a storied history at Viz, emerging in 1920 in the first, student-led publication, The Crescent, accompanying the “Academic Record” section. It is likely the owl predates this publication, but it is unknown to what extent. From the 1920s onward, the owl grew in use among Visitation students, finding its way into publications and on pins, class rings, class banners, and even on blazers, circa 1950. The use of the owl and its association with the crescent and with wisdom continued into the early 1970s, after which it suddenly disappeared. It is time to bring it back.

Senior Kaitlyn and Sister Marie Therese Ruthmann '50 sat down to discuss the historical significance of the owl at Viz. Please enjoy their recorded interview. 

    • History of the Owl Video 2021

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