A Positive Note

Whether you’re listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument, music is an art form that is enjoyed by people worldwide. At Viz, we provide a diverse range of musical options for students in Grades 1-12 designed to help students discover and develop their musical interests and talents and foster a life-long appreciation of music.

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  • Lower School

    Music classes are incorporated into the curriculum at every age level from toddler through fifth grade. Students in Grades 1-5 have two concerts, one at Christmas and the other in the spring. Our Montessori students also perform in the Christmas concert. There are numerous other performance opportunities throughout the year including Grandparents Day, May Day, and other special events and masses.

    Fourth and fifth grade students also have the option to participate in choir as an extracurricular activity.
  • Middle School

    Sixth and eighth grade students take a semester long music course. The curriculum includes music history, styles, and genres.

    Middle School also has an extracurricular music option: choir. The choir participates in the Christmas and spring concerts, and they are high-energy performances. The spring concert features music centered around a chosen theme such as famous movies, the 60s, etc.
  • Upper School

    There are three different levels of choir included in the curriculum for Upper School students: Freshmen Choir, Concert Choir, and Chamber Choir. All freshmen can participate in the Freshmen Choir, and any student in Grades 10-12 can participate in the Concert Choir. The Chamber Choir is an audition choir open to students in Grades 10-12. All three choirs have a Christmas and a spring concert. The Chamber Choir also has a variety of other performance opportunities at school and within the community.

    Students in Grades 9-12 also can participate in the handbell choir.
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