Give A Gift of Stock

Many donors enhance their gifts to Visitation while receiving significant tax benefit by donating appreciated stock or mutual fund shares. The following information is provided to facilitate the transfer process.

If your stock is in a brokerage account:

DO NOT REQUEST A STOCK CERTIFICATE. Instead, have the stock directly transferred to the Visitation Academy.

Please contact Jenny Lucas, Chief Advancement Officer, at (314) 625-9104 or for more information.

If you have the stock certificate:

Please deliver the certificate to the Visitation Academy Business Office or our broker, in person or by mail. Please make sure the certificate is accompanied by your name, address, telephone number and a note indicating the campaign to which you are making a gift, e.g. Annual Fund, Endowment, etc.

Stock is valued at the average sale price on the day of the gift.

In order to ensure that your gift is properly recorded and acknowledged, it is important that you inform us in writing of the gift (specify number of shares and company), the campaign to which you are making the gift and the date of the stock transfer. Please send this information or direct any questions to:

Mrs. Sherry Williams
Visitation Academy Director of Finance and Operations
Phone: (314) 625-9291
Fax: (314) 432-5355

The legal name of the school is The Visitation Academy of St. Louis County.