A Whole New Dimension of Learning

Visitation introduced a new interactive software tool in all anatomy and biology classes this year – Visible Body® Courseware. The web-based teaching and learning platform includes access to six programs: Anatomy and Physiology, Visible Biology, Human Anatomy Atlas, Muscle Premium, Physiology and Pathology, and Physiology Animations.
These programs allow students to see the body systems and cells in a 3D format and to explore and study course content in an interactive mode, putting our students right in the middle of the learning experience with visual and fully interactive content. Students also get mobile downloads that they can put on a personal device such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android device, as well as access to supplemental reading, labeling abilities, short videos, review quizzes, and overall objectives to check off as they study. Make sure to read the accompanying story that demonstrates the application of this program in an Upper School anatomy and physiology class.
A donor generously underwrote the one-year subscription for the Visible Body Courseware. Thank you for the investment in student learning!
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