Additional Assistance

If your family is in need of assistance, there are local resources available through the St. Louis Archdiocese that may be able to help including Catholic Charities and St. Vincent DePaul Society/United Way.

  • Catholic Charities

Call – 314-367-5500

Email –

Visit –

  • Saint Vincent DePaul Society

Call the Helpline – 2-1-1

Visit – or

As always, we are here to support all members of the Viz community. Please reach out to the Head of  School, David Colón, or the Director of Mission Integration, Danielle Harrison, if you need assistance from Viz. All conversations are confidential.

How can we help others during this crisis?

Just as they are providing much needed assistance to our local and global community, these organizations also need our help to continue to serve others. If you are able to donate in any capacity, please reach out to these vital organizations.

We also want to share our love, support, and prayers for members of the Viz community who own a small business. If you know of an alumna, parent, or another member of the Viz family who could use support, please email Alison White at with their information so that we may promote their business on social media! We are praying for the continued success of these businesses who have been so generous to our school. #VizLocalLove