Statement of Philosophy

Science Lab FunVisitation Academy is a private Catholic school that provides exceptional commitment to educating the minds and hearts of young women in the Visitation Salesian tradition.The Academy offers four programs that challenge students to be confident, curious, and creative:  a well-established coed Montessori program for ages 2-5; a strong foundation for girls in grades 1-5; an excellent middle school environment for young women in grades 6-8; an outstanding college preparatory high school program that inspires lifelong learning.Sponsored by the Sisters of the Visitation since 1833, the Academy expresses the spirituality of Visitation’s founders, St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal. These saints encourage us to “Live Jesus” with optimism, gentleness, humility, joy, and inner freedom. The mission of the Academy mirrors Mary’s visitation to Elizabeth: her acceptance of Jesus in her own life and her commitment to carry Him to others.This receiving and sharing of Jesus is our model as a faith community that calls students to realize their unique potential and to develop self-discipline rooted in inner strength and gentleness.Through curricular and extracurricular activities and example, we provide opportunities that promote spirituality and service, critical thinking and scholarship, leadership and integrity, responsibility and respect for life and the environment.  As members of the Visitation community, we, the administration, faculty and staff, help the students and each other develop as integrated persons embodying Christian values.