Mrs. Linda Benken

After Care Coordinator and Lower School Aide 314-960-3617 Alumna Class of 1969 B.A.

Mrs. Stephanie Braun

Middle and Upper School Math 314-625-9179 Masters in Education

Trish Callahan

Ms. Trish Callahan

Administrative Assistant Monastery of the Visitation 314-625-9247 B.A.

Ellen Cooper

Mrs. Ellen Cooper

Director of Marketing and Communications 314-625-9107 B.A.

Mrs. Nicole Cooper

Lower School Instructional Technology 314-625-9170 M.A.T.

Stephanie Dolan

Mrs. Stephanie Dolan

Director of Enrollment and Lower School Admissions 314-625-9266 Alumna Class of 1996 B.A.

Judith Dooling

Mrs. Judy Dooling

Student Billing Accountant 314-625-9294 B.S. and A.A.S. Missouri CPA Certificate

Diane Effer

Mrs. Diane Effer

Executive Assistant to Head of School 314-625-9271 B.A.

Colleen Enger

Mrs. Colleen Enger

Science and Social Studies 314-625-9152 Alumna Class of 1976 M.A.

Jane Eschmann

Mrs. Jane Eschmann

Assistant Director of Mission Integration 314-625-9201 M.Ed.

Kristen Goldkamp

Dr. Kristen Goldkamp

Campus Ministry, Theology, and Social Studies 314-625-9100 x2225 Alumna Class of 1985 Ph.D.

Rita Greiner

Mrs. Rita Greiner

Middle and Upper School Administrative Assistant 314-625-9126

Danielle Harrison

Mrs. Danielle Harrison

Director of Mission Integration 314-625-9292 Alumna Class of 1983 M.A., J.D.

Adele Hayes

Mrs. Adele Hayes

Counseling 314-625-9138 M.A. Ed. Counseling Secondary School Administration

Colleen Hebron

Mrs. Colleen Hebron

Middle and Upper School Administrative Assistant 314-625-9125 B.S.

Mrs. Jessica Helling

Middle and Upper School Theology 314-625-9229 Alumna Class of 2010 B.S., B.A., M.Ed.

Ellen Isom

Mrs. Ellen Isom

Visual and Performing Arts 314-625-9148 Alumna Class of 1982 B.A.

Ms. Lisa Kohler

Director of Development 314-625-9245 Alumna Class of 2002 B.A.

Catherine Ladd

Mrs. Caty Ladd

Modern and Classical Languages 314-625-9150 Alumna Class of 2000 M. Ed.

Mrs. Jennifer Lovell

Lower School Foreign Language 314-625-9239 Alumna M.A.T.

Jenny Lucas

Mrs. Jenny Lucas

Chief Advancement Officer 314-625-9104 B.S.B.A., J.D.

Mrs. Gayle Lund

Lower School Administrative Assistant 314-625-9287 A.A.S.

Christine Marino

Ms. Christine Marino

Alumnae Relations & Communications Coordinator 314-625-9106 Alumna Class of 2009 B.S.

Mrs. Brittany Morrissey

Middle School Science 314-625-9152 M.Ed. Elementary Education

Alice O'Donnell

Mrs. Alice O'Donnell

Upper School Counseling Administrative Assistant 314-625-9141 B.A.

Mrs. Colleen Porter

Editor and Communications Specialist 314-625-9244 B.S. Communication Mgmt.

Sister Marie Therese Ruthmann

Sister Marie Therese Ruthmann, VHM

Monastic Superior 314-625-9260 MA in English Literature, MA in Theology

Mrs. Amy Sauer

Lower School Campus Ministry and Theology 314-625-9158 B.S.

Mrs. Sharon Spellman

Director of Admissions 314-625-9102 Alumna Class of 1989 M.A.

Sarah Spaunhorst

Mrs. Sarah Walsh

Computer Science and Science 314-625-9151 Alumna Class of 2003 M.S. and M.A.

Sherry Williams

Mrs. Sherry Williams

Director of Finance and Operations 314-625-9291 B.A. Certified Public Accountant