Live Jesus

The Visitation Academy motto, “Live Jesus,” stems from the spirituality of St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal, who founded the Order of the Visitation. The writings of these saints unite a love of truth with the pursuit of knowledge and the dedication of God-given gifts to make the world a better place.

Discover the rich history of Visitation Academy.

Visitation Academy is a ministry of the Sisters of the Visitation, who are joined by their mission to receive and share Jesus, just as Mary did in her visitation to Elizabeth. It is through the Sisters’ forward vision and thoughtful guidance that Viz has thrived for more than 185 years as we recognize students’ unique gifts and guide them toward their full potential.

As we say before each class or prayer, “Let us place ourselves in the presence of God.” Every aspect of the Visitation experience provides students with an opportunity to Live Jesus, be it in the classroom, on stage, or on the field. Integrating Salesian values into our students’ interests builds a stronger foundation for them to live with purpose and passion.