Lower School

Academic Approach

Modern Education for a Modern World

Visitation Academy’s distinct educational philosophy focuses on the development of the whole child, preparing students to be well-rounded, lifelong learners. Project-based, hands-on learning is a hallmark of our program and is integrated in many academic areas, as it leads to greater understanding and instills confidence and self-esteem. Students are encouraged to think critically, be creative, analyze, apply, collaborate, communicate, and problem solve—crucial skills in this ever-changing world.

Lower School classrooms are spacious and sunny, filled with abundant resources and opportunities that your daughter can use to her advantage. Our faculty is one very important resource your daughter has at her disposal. Our educators are passionate about teaching and are committed to your daughter’s academic, spiritual, and personal growth. They also are committed to their own professional growth, participating in countless professional development opportunities both as a group and as individuals each year. This not only makes them better educators, but it also fosters better students as research has shown that an investment in professional development directly relates to higher student achievement. 

Academics At-A-Glance:

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