Middle School

Academic Approach

Challenging and Empowering

Following an in-depth study of current research, Visitation Academy formally defined our Middle School program to best meet the needs of girls in Grades 6-8. The program builds a bridge from childhood to young adulthood, with high yet achievable academic expectations as its cornerstone. Viz Middle School faculty members work closely with students to supplement classroom learning with real-world skills not found in a textbook. Students are guided in making choices and are fully engaged in the learning process. We teach that there is true strength in the critical thinking, communications, and collaboration our students show at school and that these competencies have endless applications.

Our unique educational philosophy and supportive, faith-based learning environment sparks curiosity and imparts lifelong learning skills. Middle School classrooms are active, hands-on centers of learning that utilize a combination of experiments, demonstrations, simulations, and projects.

Program of Studies

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  • Science

    As students delve into our hands-on science program, study and process skills are emphasized, helping them manage and analyze scientific information.

    In addition to designing and building robots, a breadth of life, earth, and physical science topics are covered. In our dedicated Middle School Makerspace, students are immersed in STEM concepts as they tinker, create, and invent solutions to challenges.
  • Mathematics

    Visitation Academy’s Middle School math program focuses on identifying each student’s needs so she can be challenged to reach her full potential. Meeting our students’ gives them a foundation that will prepare them for the college-prep program in Upper School. Most students in our Middle School will take an introductory to pre-algebra, pre-algebra, algebra I (high school level course), or honors algebra I (high school level course). . 
  • English

    Comprehension and application of essential concepts in grammar, literature, composition, and research are developed through the English curriculum.

    Students work with a variety of written forms including literary analysis and persuasion, narrative, expository, and descriptive writing and have access to nearly 9,000 reference materials, monographs, audiobooks, movies, and more in the Francis de Sales Library to further their studies.
  • Experiential Learning

    Experiential learning opportunities and curriculum-focused field trips tie directly to classroom studies for enhanced learning.

    Annual trips are offered at each grade level and include outdoor team building at Trout Lodge in Grade 6, science in action at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Grade 7, and an up-close civics lesson in Washington, D.C. in Grade 8.
  • Computer Science

    A fully-integrated computer science curriculum allows students to attain academic goals with technology enhanced instruction.

    Our one-to-one technology program for Grades 6 through 8 ensures digital literacy is attained through knowledge, concepts, and skills interwoven into curriculum-related lessons. Our commitment to 21st century learning gives students an outlet to engage with their schoolwork and with each other in interactive, creative, and collaborative ways.
  • Theology

    As a Catholic Salesian school, creating a faith-based learning environment is central to our educational philosophy.

    Theology classes at each grade level support the faith and spiritual formation of students, helping them to embrace and apply gospel values to their own lives to be catalysts for positive change.
  • World Languages

    Introductory classes in French, Spanish, and Latin, take place in Grade 6. Students then choose one of those languages to study in Grades 7 and 8, completing a high school level I before entering Grade 9. 

    Students advance their understanding and use of these languages while developing a worldview and an appreciation of cultural diversity. The program fully prepares students for advanced language study in our Upper School.
  • Visual and Performing Arts

    Essential to the development of a well-rounded student, the arts empower girls to foster their creativity through expression.

    Our sweeping approach gives students a chance to explore different forms of expression - from art to music to dance to drama – and discover their talents and passions. The application of STEM in many production areas from set design and construction, to lighting design and lighting board programming, to technical direction and equipment troubleshooting, to sound effect and special effect coordination also provides reinforcement and creative use of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.
    To learn more about Visual and Performing Arts, click here.
  • Health and Wellness

    Active bodies support active minds.

    Class activities are designed with the goal of educating, enhancing, and individualizing students’ health and wellness and preparing them to continue healthy practices throughout their life.


Middle School students also meet with their grade-level advisor every day. The advisory period is structured to include one-on-one interaction with the advisor, academically-focused time for students to work on homework or group projects, study, or meet with teachers, and time for interactive play either inside or outside the classroom.

Educational Support Program

“In an environment which values excellence in scholarship, spirituality, leadership and service, this Visitation community encourages students to develop their unique gifts.”
In the spirit of the Visitation, the Educational Support Program exists to encourage students to develop their own unique gifts within the context of a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Through the Educational Support Program, students with diagnosed learning differences have the opportunity to receive support from the learning consultants. The learning consultants work with teachers, parents, and students to help them understand their learning style and access appropriate accommodations. The Educational Support Program also includes the Learning Center in where students can take advantage of other accommodations as determined by their evaluations. The Educational Support Program promotes the development of the student’s self-advocacy skills during their time at Visitation and beyond.
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