Lower School

Core Curriculum

Foundation for the Future

The formative years of Grades 1-5 can determine whether your daughter will become a lifelong learner. In the Viz Lower School, our talented and experienced faculty are dedicated to helping students reach their full potential, and the depth of our curriculum will astound you! Your daughter will have tremendous opportunities to stretch herself academically, spiritually, and personally, and will develop the confidence and self-esteem to eagerly embrace new challenges.

Small class sizes and student-first approaches allows girls to thrive in an atmosphere of individual attention. A vast array of enrichment activities, tailored to each student’s readiness, encourages your daughter to move beyond a basic comprehension of skills and concepts to a higher level of learning where critical thinking, analysis, application, and problem-solving skills are developed. Viz students will inspire you, and you’ll quickly realize this is where your daughter needs to be.

At Viz, learning is active and exciting! Our Lower School academic programs spark curiosity, kindle new interests, and instill a sense of wonder. This is how a lifelong love of learning begins.

View our Curriculum Guide for a detailed overview of what students can expect at each Lower School grade level.
Visitation Academy is an independent, private Catholic school offering a coeducational Montessori preschool and Kindergarten program, the area's only all-girl elementary program for Grades 1-5, and an all-girl middle school and all-girl high school.
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