Middle School

Core Curriculum

Opportunity Defines the Viz Middle School

Middle School is a pivotal time in the growth of a young woman, with lasting impact on her future. Visitation Academy guides our students through this sometimes vulnerable and often exciting period in their lives and provides them with the resources needed to become intelligent, ethical, productive, healthy, and well-rounded individuals. Your daughter will feel secure and successful in our all-girl environment.

The Middle School curriculum provides a challenging, exploratory, integrative, and relevant curriculum focused on the developmental readiness, needs, and interests of young women. Faculty members share a focus on our students and their engagement with the subject matter. We understand learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom and are invested in a student-first approach that emphasizes the creativity and problem-solving skills students will rely on for a lifetime. Viz Middle School students are well-prepared for success in our Upper School as we nurture their blossoming individuality in a supportive, faith-based learning environment that fosters lifelong learning skills and helps them develop into confident leaders that will thrive on whatever path they choose.

Viz mentors our young women through their personal intellectual, moral, physical, social, and emotional growth, providing abundant opportunities for them to realize their God-given potential, develop their unique gifts, and uncover their inner strength and confidence.

View our Curriculum Guide for a detailed overview of what students can expect at each Middle School grade level.
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