Upper School

Academic Approach

Your Future Starts Here

Viz students excel in an academic atmosphere that promotes collaboration and the free-flowing exchange of ideas. They solve problems independently through creative, critical thinking. They view the world from a global perspective and appreciate cultural diversity. They learn to express themselves clearly and in a manner that fosters respect and dignity for others. They become accomplished writers and poised public speakers.

Our unique educational philosophy, challenging curriculum, and supportive, faith-based learning environment stimulates curiosity and instills lifelong learning skills. Faculty across all departments are invested in a student-first approach, sharing a focus on the success of each and every student. Technology is seamlessly integrated into our classrooms to support instruction, but we fully understand that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. That is why we supplement traditional textbook and classroom learning with experiential, hands-on learning opportunities, providing the foundation necessary for success in whatever path our students choose.

Academic Extras

  • Expanded Makerspace where students can design and build creative solutions to problems, applying critical thinking skills and using rudimentary materials
  • Hands-on entrepreneurial program providing real-world experience and expert mentorship to further a student's goals and interests
  • STEM options that teach students to think like a scientist or engineer through project-based courses including robotics and engineering yielding eight, consecutive Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering State (WYSE) state champions
  • Partnership with Priory in a joint Robotics team, RoboRebels, that competes annually in the FIRST Robotics competition
  • Computer Science electives including emerging media, which provides students hands-on, experiential learning opportunities in leadership, project management, coding, graphic design, creative writing, videography, podcasting, and photography as they work on the student-run website, Vivette Times
  • 14 college credit classes available through Saint Louis University’s 1818 Program, plus 14 Advanced Placement courses

Educational Support Program

“In an environment which values excellence in scholarship, spirituality, leadership and service, this Visitation community encourages students to develop their unique gifts.”
In the spirit of the Visitation, the Educational Support Program exists to encourage students to develop their own unique gifts within the context of a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.

Through the Educational Support Program, students with diagnosed learning differences have the opportunity to receive support from the learning consultants. The learning consultants work with teachers, parents, and students to help them understand their learning style and access appropriate accommodations. The Educational Support Program also includes the Learning Center in where students can take advantage of other accommodations as determined by their evaluations. The Educational Support Program promotes the development of the student’s self-advocacy skills during their time at Visitation and beyond.
Visitation Academy is an independent, private Catholic school offering a coeducational Montessori preschool and Kindergarten program, the area's only all-girl elementary program for Grades 1-5, and an all-girl middle school and all-girl high school.
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