iPads & Technology

5149cece5c1eeUsing iPads within the Montessori curriculum gives Visitation students one more way to approach their school work and promotes an environment focused on 21st Century learning.

Our Montessori students enjoyed using the Montessori Crosswords app to build and develop their reading, writing and spelling skills.

5149cee6b8c01Leafsnap is an app that helps students identify tree species from photographs of their leaves. Last spring, the Visitation Kindergarteners were able to identify and match leaves found in our Visitation backyard to the leaves documented on the app.

The iPads’ child-friendly carrying cases get a workout as students tote iPads around their classroom for various activities. Robots, iPads & Classrooms – Oh My! View more information about the important role technology plays in the Visitation Academy Lower School curriculum.