Fifth Grade Overview

Fifth grade marks a transition to increasing independence. Students are empowered with more ownership of their learning and organization. Opportunities to develop personal interests increase through activities like the Bellarmine Speech League and National Geographic Geography Bee.

Signature Projects

Junior Achievement Biz Town

Students participate in an experiential learning opportunity as citizens of Junior Achievement (JA) Biz Town. The program creates concrete connections between classroom learning and real-life applications. After cross-curricular classroom preparation, the students spend the day operating a simulated city’s commerce as business owners and employees, offering public and private goods and services.

First Grade & Fifth Grade Book Project

The first and fifth grades collaborate to create their own unique books. Students partner across grades, working together to develop the plot, characters and setting. After writing and revising their story and creating illustrations they conclude with a book sharing event with our school community.

Holy Week Presentation

Fifth grade students prayerfully prepare and present the final days and hours of Jesus’ life in dramatic form. Girls perform a Living Stations of the Cross for the Lower School bringing Holy Week and Easter alive to the children and parents.