iPads & Technology

The Lower School at Visitation Academy is a leader in 21st Century learning and a leader in incorporating new and exciting technology tools in the classroom.


Every classroom is equipped with iPads.  Students use the iPads collaboratively in ways that uniquely enhance the Lower School curriculum.  In addition to laptops, the iPads give students an outlet to engage with their schoolwork and with each other in an interactive and creative way.

The fourth grade class uses SpellingCity, an app that provides tests and games to assist students in learning spelling and vocabulary words.  Mrs. Kelly Skubic, Visitation’s 4th grade teacher, has the ability to preload the students’ spelling and vocabulary words for the week so the girls can study their words using various tests and games. In the coming months, the 4th graders will also use the app “Stack the States” in preparation for a unit on the United States and the different state capitals.

The fifth grade class uses the iPad to search for and view some of the places they study in Social Studies on Google Earth. The students have been able to locate the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Sphinx, the Kremlin, and St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, to name a few. The classes also downloaded apps that allowed them to track the recent presidential election. Another popular tool the iPads provide is the ability to be used as an eReader.

The first grade uses different apps on the iPads to read digital books that connect directly with their curriculum.  Using iPads within the Lower School curriculum gives Visitation students one more way to approach their school work, while allowing the Academy to continue to promote an environment focused on 21st Century learning.