Middle School Uniform

Middle School Uniform:

  • Red Plaid Skirt (Required – same as worn in Upper School)
  • Yellow or Grey Polo Shirt with crest logo (Required – long or short sleeves)
  • Red Sweater Vest with crest logo OR Red V-Neck Cardigan Sweater with crest logo (Required for dress days)
  • Sweatshirts:  Any Visitation sweatshirt may be worn with the yellow or grey polo shirt as part of the uniform.  On Spirit Days, Visitation T-shirts may be worn instead of the yellow or grey polo shirt.
  • PE Uniform (to be purchased at Viz Station)
  • Socks: Matching socks of any color
  • Tights: black, navy, or charcoal
  • Leggings: Ankle length in navy, black or charcoal. No lace trim, please.
  • Yoga pants (black, navy or charcoal) may be worn under the uniform skirt.

Middle School Uniform Shoe

  • Athletic shoes or other soft-soled, low cut, non-marking shoes (such as topsiders) of any color.
  • Shoes must have laces or Velcro closures.
  • No clogs, sandals, open-backed shoes, slip-on shoes, or boots.

Purchasing Information

Uniforms are available through Just Me Apparel (636) 391-3551 or www.justmeapparel.com.